Giving Back To Our Community

We love to help the Heart Gallery of New Mexico, as well as New Mexico’s youth who are in the foster care system or have recently aged out.

Once kids have aged out of CYFD care at the age of 18, they are on their own with only a $500.00 monthly stipend from the state to live on. Ron and Susan have provided their community room for monthly cooking classes for the aged out youth taught by chef Victor.

Additionally, they host the “Knots of Love” blanket party.

This annual community event held in November was attended by 50 people who made 75 fleece blankets in one evening. The blankets are given to the aged out youth at their Christmas party and other blankets are provided for young children who unfortunately have to be removed from an unsafe home environment.

Susan and Ron saw another need that needed to be met when they learned that 80% of the youth that age out of foster care in the State of New Mexico do not have driver’s licenses, they thought they could help.

With the bomb proof car that Ron bought knowing it might get scratched or dented, they have started helping the youth get practice driving hours under their tutoring to prepare them to take their driver’s exam.

Susan with then Governor Susana Martinez and Senator Candace Gould at the Heart and Soul Awards Ceremony